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Six Solana Beach Gardens Featured on Recent Native Plant Society Tour

Congratulations and kudos to our neighbors whose front yards were showcased during the California Native Plant Society's San Diego garden tour on April 7!

Their efforts further the City of Solana Beach/Climate Action Commission and SeaWeeders' goals to expand native pollinator habitat in our community. And they have the added benefits of reducing water use and attracting wildlife. With a native landscape comes -- "a parade of birds, bumble bees and butterflies," as one garden host commented.

Take a walk, bike ride or drive by these Solana Beach addresses (shared with permission from the homeowners) to be inspired!

  • 505 Seabright Lane

  • 624 Seabright Lane

  • 355 Santa Helena

  • 439 Santa Helena

  • 1127 Santa Luisa

  • 747 Santa Camelia Drive

To learn more about the San Diego chapter of the California Native Plant Society, visit



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