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Our growing pollinator habitat

In April, 2021, Mayor Lesa Heebner and Solana Beach City Council members signed the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge to help make Solana Beach friendly to Western monarchs and other pollinators. The pledge is a challenge sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation to encourage urban and suburban cities to create more habitat friendly to birds, bees and butterflies.

We're putting pollinator patches on our City map!

Since then . . .

April 23 — First pollinator garden established with 75 milkweed and nectar plants in our first neighborhood, La Colonia de Eden Gardens

April 24 — More than 90 Solana B

each families collected 350 free, native narrow-leaf milkweed plants and 1,430 native milkweed seeds for their home gardens. Residents donated more than $1,700 to plant more pollinator habitat

May - present — Native milkweed and nectar plants added to the SeaWeeders Community Garden in a southern section of the Coastal Rail Trail

June 21-27— Residents participated in a community Monarch Count to mark national Pollinator Awareness Week

October 19 — Nissoh CA, the City’s landscape contractor, donated labor to plant 100 native milkweed and nectar plants in the north community garden section of the Coastal Rail Trail and the Fire Station native garden

October 24 — Native milkweed planted at the refurbished El Jardin de los Niños, Boys & Girls Club, La Colonia Community Center.

Additional pollinator patches are being planned. Potential sites include Larrick Reservoir and near the City’s Public Works yard off Highland Drive.

Help fund more habitat!

  • Adopt a pollinator plant for a new or existing pollinator garden in Solana Beach. First 50 to donate $25 or more will receive a butterfly ornament to add to your holiday decor. All donors will receive a certificate of adoption. And our first $3,000 in donations will be matched by!

  • Purchase Monarch Butterflies by Ann Hobbie, packaged with milkweed, nasturtium and California poppy seeds (cost $20).


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