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Native, Narrow-leaf Milkweed Seeds Available!

Email SBSeaWeeders@gmail.com to request up to three 10-seed packets. Include your Solana Beach mailing address

Your donations will support future pollinator habitat events

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Our mission is to promote sustainable beautification of the City of Solana Beach, in both public and private spaces. We sponsor hands-on gardening projects throughout our community

Although our regular meetings became irregular during the past year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, our garden tending and special projects continue. 

Interested in joining us? Have a question about gardening in Solana Beach? 

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Milkweed Giveaway Exceeds Expectations 

   More than 90 Solana Beach families collected 350 free, native milkweed plants and 1,430 milkweed seeds on April 24, joining a pledge to help make Solana Beach friendly to Western monarchs and other pollinators. To date, the effort also has been supported by more than $1,700 in donations.
   On April 23, the City’s landscapers transformed the parking-area garden at La Colonia Community Center into our first public pollinator park.  Long-time butterfly gardener (and our Civic Affairs chair) Cindi Clemons helped supervise placement of 100 native milkweed and nectar plants.
Milkweed is the only plant where female monarchs lay their eggs; it’s the only food monarch caterpillars eat. Nearby nectar plants provide food for the adult butterflies and shelter for the caterpillars and chrysalides after they pupate.
   Sign-ups for the plants poured in after the City’s eBlast on April 21. Our entire supply — provided by the City and SeaWeeders — was reserved within hours. A last-minute donation and several “no shows” made it possible to meet demand and still have plants to spare for more public pollinator patches. On April 28, after some weeding and clean-up, we began planting at our community garden on the Coastal Rail Trail. 
   The ongoing pollinator project is a joint effort by the City, Climate Action Commission and the SeaWeeders. 

   Local growers are working hard to meet demand for native milkweed. For additional plants, try:

Upcoming Events

 Replay to Learn More About Monarchs!

Ann Baldridge, Community Programs Director of the Resource Conservation District of San Diego County discussed how local organizations are coordinating across the county to support our Western monarch population. 


Replay Ann’s presentation by clicking the link below and entering the passcode shown.


Meeting Recording:



Access Passcode: &VA08tVg

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