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About Us

Our mission is to promote sustainable beautification of the City of Solana Beach, in both public and private spaces. We sponsor hands-on gardening projects throughout our community.

Prefer to keep your hands clean? You can make a donation to support our projects.


In 2024, our regular meetings are at 10:30 a.m. on the second Tuesday of the month, except July and August, at the Center for a Healthy Lifestyle Cottage behind the Boys & Girls Club at 533 Lomas Sante Fe Dr., Solana Beach.  All are invited!

Interested in joining us? Have a question about gardening in Solana Beach? 

What We're Up To . . .
Ongoing Events

'Weeders Meet Our Mulcher!

img_0651 2.jpg

  The SeaWeeders achieved a long-sought dream of visiting the EDCO Anaerobic Digester facility in Escondido on May 23! 

  Yes, we are mulch geeks. And that's what the Digester does: it turns our green and organic -- aka food -- waste into rich "digestate" that EDCO sells to area farms and makes available to Solana Beach each Fall on Bulky Waste Day as free mulch for home and public gardens.
   We got our hands dirty sampling, fresh-from-the-Digester, still-steamy mulch, which becomes a finer compost as it further breaks down due to --well -- digestion by millions of microorganisms that "eat" food waste, green waste, fats, oils and greases. When this happens in landfills the process releases methane gas, which contributes to atmospheric warming and climate change.      

  Learn more about our tour here.


 Wreath Weaving

We may have created a new SeaWeeder holiday tradition!

It was such fun to make wreaths last fall with a dozen children from the Boys & Girls Club San Dieguito La Colonia branch. They helped us twist fresh-cut grape vines into circles for wreath forms and we helped one another turn our garden cuttings into holiday decor.  See more photos from this fun afternoon.

In Our Gardens

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