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Our mission is to promote sustainable beautification of the City of Solana Beach, in both public and private spaces. We sponsor hands-on gardening projects throughout our community


Normally, gardening enthusiasts who reside in Solana Beach and neighboring communities are invited to join our meetings on the first Wednesday of each month (September through June).

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Got questions? Our experienced Southern Californian SeaWeeders have answers. 

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Make Solana Beach Western Monarch Friendly


Our Western monarch butterflies are in big trouble.  Latest counts of the monarchs that migrate from Baja California through our coastal area each year are dismal.  But you can help them simply by making your garden — however small — monarch friendly.


The SeaWeeders have teamed with the City of Solana Beach and its citizens Climate Action Commission to promote the planting of pollinator habitat throughout our community.  In addition to planting milkweed and nectar plants in public parks around town, we encourage you to nourish butterflies and provide host plants for their eggs and caterpillars in your backyard or on a deck or patio. 


Pick-up milkweed seeds and/or starter plants at a contact-free, drive-through distribution on April 24, 9:30 a.m. to noon, at the Boys & Girls Club, 533 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, west parking area. Masks required.


Ten-seed packets and native, narrow-leaf milkweed plants are being provided at no charge, thanks to the City’s support and SeaWeeders member donations. Quantities are limited! So we are limiting distribution to five plants and/or three seed packets per family.


Registration is required. Sign up here.


Donate here  (in any amount) to help us host more monarch habitat throughout our community!

In Our Gardens

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Monarch Pledge

In March, Solana Beach City Council approved the Mayors' Monarch Pledge, a challenge sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation to promote habitat for endangered monarch butterflies. Learn more about how to help us save the butterflies!

Volunteer with us to tend public gardens throughout the Solana Beach area, and help keep our city beautiful!

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