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Select the right tree for your garden.

Select the right tree for your garden.

We can grow a wide variety of trees from around the world in Solana Beach, but which ones are best in our individual gardens? Before you plant a tree, consider:

  • Do you want an evergreen to screen a view and create cool, deep shade or a deciduous tree for light shade.

  • Do you want color or fruit?

  • Anticipate the mature size and shape of the tree: will it naturally be big or small, tall or wide?

  • Will the tree you choose become a nuisance to neighbors by blocking sun or view?

  • Learn about its care: will it need a lot of water, pruning or cleanup?

  • Will its roots have room to spread without damaging a patio or sidewalk?

Choose wisely. A well-planted tree may last a lifetime - or more!



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