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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events are curtailed due to cautions required to contain the novel coronavirus and resulting disease. 

Past Events ...

To give you an idea what we are about and what we do together

Mulch Party at El Viento Pocket Park!

On March 11, Skyline 6th graders helped us move 10 yards of mulch into place around new plantings and boulders at El Viento Pocket Park, Corner of N. Granados Ave. and El Viento Street, Solana Beach. 

Bonsai Basics

On March 4, we learned bonsai pruning basics with Oriental tree artist Joe Elmer. Sixteen miniature trees were designed. Joe will return in 2021 to help us refine them. 

Holiday Wreath Weaving 

In December, we gather and gab and turn garden "waste" into holiday decorations. Cooler temperatures provide the perfect opportunity to prune evergreen trees and shrubs. We share our cuttings  and provide grape-vine wreath frames, guidance, wire and bows to help create gorgeous wreaths, swags, or whatever. 

RoundUp Round-up


On October 6, 2018, we collected an estimated 850 pounds of pesticides and herbicides at the Bulky-item + Pesticide Cleanup Day, on at La Colonia Community Center. The event, co-sponsored with the City of Solana Beach and Solana Center for Environmental Innovation, was the first of its kind to include the opportunity for pesticide drop-offs.

Annual Poinsettia Sales

In advance of the holiday season, our annual fundraiser traditionally has been a sale of poinsettia plants. Proceeds are earmarked for specific projects and our general funds. Typically, we raise about $1,200 per year from these sales. Our projects also are supported by our parent organization, the Solana Beach Civic & Historical Society, as well as through grants and financial and staff support from the City of Solana Beach.

Healthy Hoeing


We love gardening, but maybe not so much the ensuing aches and pains. Guess what? You could avoid them. It’s all about how you hoe. Physical Therapist Dr. Andrew Stewart joined a recent meeting to provide guidance on healthy postures for weed-pulling, shrub trimming, and, of course, raking and hoeing, that can protect your back, hips and knees. Click here for his tips!

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